The use of digitised documents from the Bodmer collection has led

to scientific publications as well as less traditionally-defined projects.

The results of Bodmer Lab research are well-suited to the usual avenues of scientific publication: conferences, articles, books. The ongoing collaboration with Éditions d’Ithaque ensures exceptional editorial quality and allows us to maintain pdf versions of our monographs freely available online.

When our research projects go off the beaten path of the academic world, making a foray into web design,

visual creation or digital museum exhibitions, we share these ventures in the form of experimental “offshoots.” This surprising space offers a sense of the Bodmer Lab’s approach when artistic exploration can complete and expand scientific investigation.


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Shakespeare in Geneva

Lukas Erne and Devani Singh speaking about their book "Shakespeare in Geneva".


The Promise of World Literature

Jérôme David describes the approach he took in writing his essay Martin Bodmer and the Promise of World Literature [Martin Bodmer et les promesses de la littérature mondiale] and joins Cécile Neeser Hever, translator of Martin Bodmer’s unpublished notebooks, to discuss On World Literature [De la littérature mondiale], the anthology they co-edited for the World Literature Constellation.


The Theodor de Bry Collection on the Bodmer Lab website

Matthieu Bernhardt presents the Constellation dedicated to the De Bry Collection.


The Theodor de Bry collection in a few words

Matthieu Bernhardt guides us through the Theodor de Bry collection, one of our Constellations, showing its composition and creation over several generations of publishers.


The Capture of Atahualpa

Matthieu Bernhardt takes us back to the moment when the conquistador Pizarro was on the verge of taking the city of Cusco in a print from the Theodor de Bry collection titled “The Capture of Atahualpa.”


Faust in the Martin Bodmer Collection

Christophe Imperiali presents the Faust Constellation. Goethe’s work occupies a central place in the Martin Bodmer collection, with more than 600 editions of Faust in many languages.


Martin Bodmer and World Literature

Jérôme David presents Martin Bodmer’s understanding of the idea of world literature or, in German, Weltliteratur, in which he disentangles the principal elements developed by Goethe.


The “Early Modern English Books” Holdings in the Bodmer collection

Lukas Erne et Devani Singh provide a detailed description of the Early Modern English Books constellation.


Handwritten French Manuscripts in the Martin Bodmer collection

Marc A. Kolakowski presents the holdings of French handwritten manuscripts from the Martin Bodmer collection.


Faust through the Centuries

Christophe Imperiali charts the history of the character Faust, from Goethe to the present day.


Baudelaire: A Manuscript of the Poem, “The Vampire”

Marc A. Kolakowski surveys and comments on one of the handwritten French manuscripts from the Bodmer collection, a copy of Charles Baudelaire’s “Le Vampire,” from the Fleurs du mal.


Rabelais in the Martin Bodmer Collection

Romain Menini and Olivier Pédeflous present one particularly rich area of Martin Bodmer’s library: holdings devoted to Rabelais, which contains several first editions from Lyon.


The Sale of the Rosenbach Collection

Lukas Erne, through the Early Modern English Books Constellation, tells the story of Martin Bodmer’s purchase of the Rosenbach collection, repatriating early editions of Shakespeare to Europe from the United States.


Geoffrey Chaucer

Devani Singh presents the editions of the work of poet Geoffrey Chaucer held in the Early Modern English Books holdings of the Martin Bodmer collection.


Marcel Proust’s Corrected Proofs.

An author manuscript is not always a page covered by an author’s handwritten words. Accordingly, Marc A. Kolakowski surveys the first pages of proofs–or “placards”–of Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu, housed in the Martin Bodmer Foundation.


World Literature According to Goethe

Jérôme David takes us back to Goethe, the great promoter of world literature, to show the principal features of this concept.


World Literature, from Goethe to the Present Day.

Jérôme David traces the history of the concept of world literature, from Goethe’s reflections to its contemporary impact on university research, passing through its ideological applications in the USSR and under the Nazi regime.


Early Editions of Rabelais

Romain Menini and Oliver Pédeflous explore the many early editions of Rabelais, all quite rare, held in the Martin Bodmer collection.


The Choices of the Bodmer Lab

Jérôme David returns to the fundamental principles which have guided the Bodmer Lab’s work during the first three years of its operation.


World Literature Today

On the occasion of the Bodmer Lab Festival, Patrick Chamoiseau and Jérôme David engaged in conversation about the concept of world literature and its contemporary stakes.


Presentation of the site by R. Suciu.

Alongside its Festival, the Bodmer Lab inaugurates its new website—this very website—presented by Radu Suciu.


Indigenous portraits

Matthieu Berhardt presents some of the prints from the Theodor de Bry collection, which illustrate the interactions between indigenous people and the conquistadors.


Representing French Florida (1564-65): from 16th-century prints to graphic novels.

The graphic novelist Jean Dytar, on the occasion of the Bodmer Lab festival, 2018, gave a riveting presentation on his work for the creation of Florida, published that year with Éditions Delcourt. Florida both draws inspiration from, and tells the story of, prints from the Theodor de Bry Collection, selected from the Martin Bodmer Foundation’s holdings and digitised by the Bodmer Lab.


De l'Esprit des droits

La conférence de Dan Edelstein vise à examiner la question des différents régimes de droits, depuis les guerres de religions jusqu'à l’âge des révolutions.


Un beau livre sur de beaux livres

Ce film revient sur le processus d’édition de l’anthologie De la littérature mondiale et de l’ouvrage Martin Bodmer et les promesses de la littérature mondiale, tous deux récemment parus aux Éditions d’Ithaque. Réalisé par Exocorpus Productions, ce court-métrage témoigne des différents métiers artisanaux engagés dans la production d’un livre.