Aesopian Fables

Works in progress on the filiation of La Fontaine’s Fables

The team is currently working to form a directory of Aesopian fables, using a computing infrastructure which will make it possible to encode and publish metadata via indexing terminology (

This method will allow us to create a network that includes several documents digitised by the Bodmer Lab as well as some in other digital libraries on the Web. It will then be possible to link together multiple works and, within these works, to develop more detailed connections between the fables and their illustrations.

In line with the scientific aims of Labex OBVIL’s Fabula numerica, this constellation is dedicated, firstly, to creating a family tree of all identified incarnations of “The Grasshopper and the Ant” [“La Cigale et la fourmi”].

All of the digitised documents currently available online will be linked together in a tree structure, represented by RDF-type semantic relationships. This fable will thereby serve as an initial case study to test the new possibilities offered by the Semantic Web and the dynamic connections between digital objects (Linked Open Data).

A second piece of this constellation will focus on producing an annotated directory of illustrations from the fables.

Radu Suciu
University of Geneva