Workshop HEAD-Geneva | Bodmer Lab

In November 2016, a week-long workshop took place in the Geneva University of Art and Design (Haute École d’Art et de Design de Genève), on the data from the Martin Bodmer Collection, digitised by the Bodmer Lab.

The idea of this workshop was to put old documents in front of students in visual communication and media design, in order to include this heritage in research concerns other than those of cultural history and teaching. The scientific imagination would encounter the artistic imagination through this new and surprising collaboration.


workshop head nov 2016.JPG

This proved to be the case, and the projects initiated over the course of this week were unexpected, coherent and capable of opening up new lines of inquiry. Among them, two are particularly noteworthy, given their direct proximity to the investigations of the Bodmer Lab and their advanced stage: the Varietas de Bry game and the editorial machine, Final Faust.


Reportage RTS, Les dessous des tableaux, 19.03.2017. Réalisation: Carol Haefliger.