Constellation Papyri

PB 23

Papyrus codex containing Isaiah 47:1-66:24 in Coptic (Sahidic).
Description: P.Bodmer 23 is a papyrus codex containing Isaiah 47:1-66:24 in Sahidic. It is one of the few codices of the “Bodmer Papyri” that can be dated with confidence thanks to information gathered from the documents extracted from the front of its leather cover (economic information places the documents in the early fourth century; the cover must have been constructed at some point after that). The papyrus of the codex itself is of a poor quality forcing the scribe to skip over the imperfections in the papyrus while writing (page 33). The text is written in a remarkably pure Sahidic (Kasser, Papyrus Bodmer XXIIII, 23).
Auteur: Anonyme
Titre: PB 23
Langue: Coptic
Nombre de scans: 95
Type: Manuscript
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