Constellation Papyri

PB 51

Fragment of a papyrus roll containing syllabic exercises (P.Bodmer 51 recto), reused for a scientific or ethnographic text (P.Bodmer 51 verso), extracted from the cover of P.Bodmer 23
Description: This portion of a roll extracted from the lining of the leather cover of P.Bodmer 23 was first used for an educational exercise consisting of a partially alphabetized list of names divided into syllables (P.Bodmer 51 recto) copied along the fibers (→). The blank back of the papyrus (↓) was later reused to copy a scientific or ethnographic treatise (copied upside down relative to the educational exercise, P.Bodmer 51 verso) before being used as waste papyrus in the construction of the cover of P.Bodmer 23.
Auteur: Anonyme
Titre: PB 51
Langue: Ancient Greek (to 1453)
Nombre de scans: 4
Type: Manuscript
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