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Papyrus codex containing the Nativity of Mary (“Protevangelium of James,” P.Bodmer 5), the Correspondence of Paul and the Corinthians (“3 Corinthians,” P.Bodmer 10), the 11th Ode of Solomon (P.Bodmer 11), Jude (P.Bodmer 7), the paschal sermon of Melito (P.Bodmer 13), a hymn (P.Bodmer 12), and 1-2 Peter (P.Bodmer 8).
Description: The Bodmer “Composite” or “Miscellaneous” codex consists of a series of papyrus quires containing a diverse range of literature copied by at least three different copyists. P.Bodmer 8 (1-2 Peter) seems to have been part of a different codex before being joined to the unit consisting of P.Bodmer 5+10+11+7+13+12. Most of P.Bodmer 5 and 13 are conserved as an intact book block. The remaining folios have been conserved between glass plates. The latter are illustrated here with color images, while the leaves still in the book blocks are illustrated with black and white photographic plates first published in 2000. The various parts of the codex consisting of P.Bodmer 5+10+11+7+13+12 seem to have arrived at the Bibliothèque Bodmer as multiple different purchases in 1956 (Robinson, The Story of the Bodmer Papyri, 40-46). P.Bodmer 8 was later deacquisitioned in 1969. These leaves were given as a gift to Pope Paul VI and now are part of the Vatican Library.
Auteur: Anonyme
Titre: PB C
Langue: Ancient Greek (to 1453)
Nombre de scans: 107
Type: Manuscript
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