Constellation Papyri


Papyrus codex containing Menander’s Samian (P.Bodmer 25), Dyskolos (P.Bodmer 4), and Aspis (P.Bodmer 26).
Description: The remains of this codex consist of 52 identifiable papyrus folios and numerous fragments. The original codex would have contained complete copies of Menander’s Samian (folios 1-9v), Dyskolos (folios 10r-20r), and Aspis (folios 20v-26v). The codex may have been used in an educational setting (Blanchard, “Sur le milieu”). Letters between Louis Doutreleau and Victor Martin show that the Bibliothèque Bodmer had received parts of all three plays in September of 1956, as well as additional leaves in October 1956 (Robinson, The Story of the Bodmer Papyri, 42-44). These are said to have been purchased in Egypt through Phocion Tano. Bodmer’s assistant, Odlie Bongard, reported that Bodmer himself took possession of some leaves of the Menander codex from Mahmoud Mohasseb in Cairo in September of 1957 (Méla, Légendes, 35).
Auteur: Anonyme
Titre: PB M
Langue: Ancient Greek (to 1453)
Nombre de scans: 61
Type: Manuscript
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