Constellation Papyri

PB 50

Fragment of a leaf from a papyrus codex containing Gospel According to Matthew 25:43 and 26:2-3 in Greek.
Description: One small fragment of a leaf of a papyrus codex containing parts of the Gospel according to Matthew 25:43 (written against the fibers) and 26:2-3 (written along the fibers). P.Bodmer 50 was first described by Kasser in his edition of P.Bodmer 17, the papyrus codex of Acts and the Catholic epistles assigned by Kasser to the 6th or 7th century. Kasser reported finding P.Bodmer 50 “stuck in the decay adhering to page 78” of P.Bodmer 17. The published edition of the papyrus seems to contain errors and should be treated with due caution.
Author: Anonyme
Title: PB 50
Language: Ancient Greek (to 1453)
No of scans: 4
Type: Manuscript
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