Bodmer Papyri

The aim of this cluster is to produce a detailed, illustrated online catalog of the papyrus and parchment manuscripts, the majority of which were acquired by Martin Bodmer from Egypt  in the 1950s and 1960s. Many of these items seem to have formed part of an ancient collection that included works in Greek, Coptic, and Latin. While a number of the books contain interesting combinations of Christian works (such as P,Bodmer III, a codex containing the Gospel according to John and part of Genesis in Coptic), there are also classical books (such as the Menander codex, P.Bodmer XXV+IV+XXVI) and manuscripts that contain both classical and Christian material (such as P.Bodmer XLV+XLVI+XLVII+XXVII, a codex that includes parts of the biblical book of Daniel in Greek along with book 6 of Thucydides, among other texts). These manuscripts are of course highly important for the history of early Christianity, and because of the excellent state of preservation of many of the codices, they are of exceptional interest for historians of the book as well.
Légende de l’illustration:
P.Bodmer VI, a parchment codex containing the book of Proverbs. This is perhaps one of the earliest extant Coptic codices (usually assigned to the fourth or even the third century CE), preserving a unique dialect of the Coptic language.