Constellation Papyri

PB 42

A damaged leaf from a parchment codex containing 2 Corinthians 10:15-11:12 in Coptic (Sahidic).
Description: P.Bodmer 42 consists of five fragments of parchment from a single parchment leaf containing verses from 2 Corinthians. Kasser has emphatically stated that P.Bodmer 42 was not part of the rest of the Bodmer find (“clearly distinct in origin from the Bodmer papyri proper,” Kasser, “Bodmer Papyri,” 8.48). Yet, its similarity to P.Bodmer 19 in format, layout, and script suggest a possible association with the rest of the “Bodmer Papyri.” In terms of layout, there is 1.2 cm between the columns. The left margin is 1.4 cm. The right margin is too fragmentary to reconstruct with confidence but appears to be at least 1.4 cm as well.
Auteur: Anonyme
Titre: PB 42
Langue: Coptic
Nombre de scans: 3
Type: Manuscript
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