(Archive) Job Opening at the Bodmer Lab

Web Developer and Data Specialist (100%) [Informaticien de développement]

Position profile

The Bodmer Lab and the NTICE Centre at the University of Geneva are seeking an experienced web developer well accustomed to big data infrastructures and linked data technologies and standards. Motivated, ready to take initiatives and interested in interdisciplinary approaches to literature and history related data, you will be part of a dynamic team of researchers, IT specialists and librarians.

Proficiency in or previous experience with Python, PHP, Javascript and JSON are required.
You will share your working time equally between the Bodmer Lab and the NTICE Centre.

  • One year contract at 100% employment rate. Contract can be partially extended
  • Start date: Jan 1st 2016 or to be determined
  • Salary grade: depending on qualifications and experience (maximum State of Geneva salary grade: 19)

Mission statement

This mission is made up of a number of sub-projects, some of which will be developed concomitantly:

  • R&D of a web application for the NTICE Centre
  • R&D for the Bodmer Lab document viewer and related data mining and analysis tools
  • Data extraction and data visualisation (infographics)

Required computer skills

  • confirmed experience with web design prototyping (HTML5, CSS) and various content management systems or web development frameworks
  • confirmed experience with scripting languages (Python, PHP, R)
  • experience with data mining and data “mashups”
  • Javascript, including frameworks or libraries like jQuery, Ajax­solr and data-interchange formats like JSON.

Complementary skills

  • experience with the Concrete5 CMS
  • experience with visual representations of data (infographics) using tools like Gephi, D3, js.
  • experience with iiif framework and viewer prototypes
  • accustomed to APIs, including Europeana’s and DP.LA APIs
  • involvement in past or current Digital Humanities projects, especially experience in working with humanities related meta­data (and knowledge of current meta­data standards)
  • accustomed to Github and ready to contribute to and fork existing projects
  • experience in iOS and/or Android apps development is a plus

Application deadline: December 6th 2015
Please apply exclusively via the following link: https://jobs.unige.ch/www/wd_portal.show_job?p_web_site_id=1&p_web_page_id=19955
(applications received by any other means (email, paper form, etc) will not be processed)

Required application documents (either in French or in English)

  • cover letter
  • CV
  • Copies of diplomas and work certificates

Applications should be sent exclusively using the link below:


Further information

Email: pierre-yves.burgi@unige.ch or radu.suciu@unige.ch

Website https://jobs.unige.ch/www/wd_portal.show_job?p_web_site_id=1&p_web_page_id=19955