Digital Humanities

Regarding the Digital Humanities, the works of the Bodmer Lab have concentrated on three interconnected axes or chapters.

The first of these concerns the digitisation itself and the making data available for both researchers and the general public.

The second aims at creating a working data model, and takes its inspiration from other digitisation projects.

This means:

  • using a standard of meta-data that can integrate with archiving currently available at the University of Geneva;
  • creating an open, OAI compatible interface that allows interconnectivity and interoperability of the data which is emerging from digitisation and research.
  • immediate, free, open-source access to meta-data and ultimately to the digitised objects themselves.


The third involves making use of data within other Digital Humanities projects. This means:

  • creating graphic visualisations and representations of the Martin Bodmer collection;
  • statistical analyses of digitised data;
  • creating a web tool that will work as a basis for other Digital Humanities sub-projects  which make use of the digitised data from the Bodmer Lab.